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High Value Man???

Listen, pleeeeeeeeeese stop giving energy to this term. It's an illusion. The only thing different with a man with money and a man without. is that one can afford his vices and the other has to borrow or steal for his..

High value men aren't kind and sensitive and accommodating. The gifts they give are tax write-offs and trust and believe everything with them is profit and loss, INCLUDING YOU...

They can play the field a lot longer because they have access to pussy as long as the money to pay the whores and sugar babies are there.

I remember talking with a client who was an actress and she told me stories about men in Hollywood. These men will fuk anything on two legs...and four if their run enough... And you efforts to refine yourself for immoral men, in my opinion, is a total waste of time...

They will expect you to jump through hoops. They will expect you to put up with their shyte...

Some of you have dated so-called high value men already... Well... How did it go? Did he sweep you off your feet? Or were you shocked to find out hw much of a weirdo he was as you got to know him?


So tomorrow we will be talking about self preservation within relationships with men. We have to prepare for complacency and boredom that creeps into long term relationships..

All you have to do is copy and paste this link into your browser to join the our private live chat Sunday 23rd, @ 6p.m. est time

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