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Hoes Get What They Want!

You could be able to make coconut bread from scratch with an Easy Bake Oven or sew homemade curtains or run Bible study for youths each week and it would not give you the star power you are looking for with these men.

They claim to take issue with body-counts and how much mileage your used snatch has, but at the end of the day, they are fantasizing about the woman who looks like she can suck the chrome of a trailer hitch!

Your virtue will not impress him. Your morality won't win you any extra points. Your sanctuary puwsy will be presumed defective if you claimed that no man bothered to dig inside of it..

What sluts don't have that the rest of us have an abundance of is SHAME!

You've allowed men like 'Kitten Heels' to convince you that there's something wrong with you if you are a single mother, if you are overweight or older.

You are listening to men (who would gladly exploit women for their sexual pleasure) tell you that you are not entitled to what you want, all while they entertain and OPENLY CLAIM women you fuk men for money.

Stop allowing these hairy-legged tricks to tell you what you're not good enough to have or experience.

Don't be ashamed of your past. You'd be surprised how intriguing you'd become if you owned your body count..

Men complain, but they don't object!

Get Up!!

"The Ugly Girls Ambassador"


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