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So Listen, The end of the year is upon us and I know this is an emotional time for many of you. Some of you are gonna have to bring fruit cake to family who you don't really care about.

Some of you have nobody to visit and no one to come visit you. Some of you are thinking about the past year and are evaluating your accomplishments and ticking away at more goal setting for the coming year.

If you are working for people who do not appreciate you, who do not pay your well enough for the office politics and after billable hour demands. What are you goona do about that?

Some of you have been to the doctor and he's advising you to lose 40 pounds: what are you gonna do about that?

Some of you are professional complainers and think that the people who have hurt you, OWE YOU!

And Im here to tell you the hearsh truth: nobody owes you shyte!!

Are you gonna spend anoter year looking for someone else to blame?

Are you gonna spend another year giving up too easily?

Are you gonna analyze shyte until you get analysis paralysis this coming year?

Are you going to pretend that you are better than what you truly are instead of facing your shortcomings?

I cannot stress this enough: You don't have to time to waste! Life is too short, too unpredictable to be carrying on and crying over spilled milk.

The people who have hurt you are phukking and sucking, farting and belching, digging in their assholes and spelling their fingers.

They not thinking about the pain they've caused you!

This year coming up is the year that you will be present, that you will make your presence KNOWN. No longer playing it safe to get no phukking results.

No longer dismissing your pain, but not dwelling in it either!

You are going to leave their normal alone and make up what is normal for you: A normal you can pull off and sustain!!

This year coming, you are gonna stop riding the phukking fence and take some social risks. And you'll have to give up fear of judgement and the need to be perfect.

Switch yuh style and watch the money pile up!!

Drop the dead weight! And that might means your friends, your mother, hell, even your own children!

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This Coalition Is FIRE!!!!

Come Get Some GET UP!!!

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