I'm Scared of Being Ugly!

I have showed up consistently and for MANY years to give support to women who are considered the desirables of our society.

Some things I've stated or posted on social media have been printed out and put on your refrigerators or kept in your journals too.. I call myself and my coalition of women "Ugly Girls" and I take a lot of heat for even saying the word ugly far less making it my moniker.

So I'm laughed at, condemned, criticized and accused of promoting self degradation by other women.

But the irony within the resistance I've received is that it's from women who would otherwise berate, criticize and condemn, women who look like me anyway; they're just having temper tantrums for being robbed of the opportunity to do it first!!

They are pretending to be concerned about the use of the word Ugly while using as they see fit for whomever they feel is qualified to wear the name.

I want you Ugly Girls to know that most of the support you get from other women is ego based.

They want their opinions to matter to you, and the moment you take chasing their validation away from them, they get hostile, spiteful, sarcastic, condescending and begin to push what they've ALWAYS felt about you, upon you.

You may not see it as an them stroking their own ego or being highly manipulative when they are telling you something you wanna hear, but that is exactly what it is..

Why is it so easy for them to "insist" that you adopt their opinions of your worth? Because they assume that you naive or flat out unintelligent if you are unattractive.

Have I ever given any of you what you'd consider irresponsible advice? Ever?

I teach you UGLY GIRLS game that people don't expect me to be sharp enough to catch.

I show you how see their nuances, their insinuations, their Word Salads, their FEARS and their SELF DOUBT in order for you to see that no one has any real authority or status higher that what you perceive in your own head!

"Beauty is a Tool, not a Virtue"~Salkis Re

I get it though.

It's about the optics of it all. And you don't have the vocabulary just yet to explain nor defend being apart of The Ugly Girls Club.

You want to divest from beauty but it feels abnormal to you because every woman you've ever known, both dead or alive has done it!

When you get over the hurdle of "what will they think of me", you are going to actually face head on EXACTLY what they think of you because your perception will no longer be veiled behind your fear of them rejecting you.

You will see that they always did!

That you wasted your time, your vagina, your money and your support on people who've been lying to you allllll along..

So, Ugly Girl, are you ready to step out the box and make what's probably the most independent decision your ever made? Join US!

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