Intellectual Manipulators

Women are often accused of sexual exploitation to get the attention of men. Its an easy finger to point to because being sexually suggestive is very overt with no buffer or disguise of what the goal is.

But men "intellectually" exploit women all day long.

I Just Want To Make You Better..

They tuck their intent to manipulate you behind the virtue of "educating" women and because it's not observably sexual, we assume that there's no sexual ambition behind the "selfless" act to inform you in order to make you a "Better" woman.

Manipulation can be achieved through the vehicle of spirituality, religion, vanity, sex or intellectualism..

Women are the easiest to blame because vanity is our vehicle of choice.

Ugly Girls, we've got to pick a struggle, only ONE. Unattractive is our ONE, but Pig-Ignorant can't be number two..


"The Ugly Girls Ambassador"

~Salkis Re

2021 is coming and it's important now more than ever before to become emotionally intelligent, clever and resourceful as a woman.

Racism, Colorism, Materialism and Sexism are NOT our fight.

We should have no dog in those races because the EXPLOITATION of unattractive women comes from every manipulative vehicle that exists!

You want to level up? It will require a strong mind to achieve this.

Get the information that will show you how to build unshakable selfworth Right Here..

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