Is It Too Late For You?

Many of you have felt like you've wasted time in your life and now you want to move forward to make up for lost time.

The things you'll have to do to recoup those lost minutes are not pleasant though.

You have to get rid of your friends if you want to progress.

Sounds harsh, insensitive, stale, not fun?

Yes, it's all those things.

Socialization or socializing is overrated to begin with because it distracts you, you can't be yourself most of the time, and you'll often decide not to do things without the approval of your peers.

You are stagnant because of socializing and spending excessive time trying to nurture those relationships instead of throwing your energy into your goals.

The biggest lie?

"OH, I don't have any time!"

Sure you don't have time if you're keeping up with other people's lives, tuned into gossip, fear mongering, all that level up bullsnot!

Many of you are waiting on luck to come your way while the people you are jealous of get up early to plan out their day.

Your entire life is gonna be about waiting on luck?

You wanna know what luck really is?

Luck Is An "Accident" waiting To Happen!

This year is coming to a close fast, what are your plans for the new year?

Dial down and tune out everybody so you can get some things done!

When you tune everybody out and start minding your business, you will see progress in all your endeavors.

It's a sacrifice, being alone I mean.

But the people who care about you for real will understand your need for a hiatus to reinvent yourself.

And the rest of them will get offended by you wanting to straighten up your life because you were only in their lives for their benefit anyway.

Make use of your time.

Don't let nobody waste it: Not Even YOU!

"The Ugly Girls Ambassador"

~Salkis Re


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