Jealous Women

There's nothing we can do to eliminate jealousy and hatred that women have. It is our version of aggression against each other.

There's no reason for it and there needn't be one..

You as an Ugly Girl have to come to your own conclusions about what you are going to care about.

And caring about what people think of you cannot be your top priority if you ever expect to enjoy a quality of life that nourishes your soul.

Women will always find a problem; that's what we are designed to notice.

It's a motherly instinct that has turned into corruption and neurosis within most women.

And unfortunately, the only thing that seems to subdue it is old age, so old in fact that jealousy and displaying competitiveness to becomes laughable..

UGC, Women aren't going to change.. We are looking for comfort at the expense of the emotional stability of women we want to be viewed as better than.

You can't change them, but you can certainly strive to be a Woman who's only focused on her thoughts, aspirations and well being..

This is why we divest from beauty.

We don't divest from beauty as a ploy to win sympathy because we now know that their sympathy isn't as valuable and compliance.

Let these women stir in their own vomit! Let them wallow within their own jealousy.

Don't hold anyone's baggage anymore.

"The Ugly Girls Ambassador"

~Salkis Re

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