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Jealousy is An Infection

I know that many of us have heard that jealousy is normal and natural to feel when we see others with the things we wish to have.

And while that might be true, what concerns me is how much time and energy is wasted on competition and comparing ourselves to other women.

If being jealous made you stronger, better, faster, healthier, wealthier then I'd be all for it, and you'd have to get in line behind me cause I'm signing up first.

Jealousy is a time stealer!

It makes us look like we are moving when we are standing still.


Because within jealousy we get to formulate opinions about our odds to recieve the things we want.

We determine that defeat is inevitable, which then inspires us to stop our pursuit of purpose or creativity, or money, or love.

Jealousy brings anxiety, but it also brings relief because now you no longer have to worry about critcism or failure, for you've decided that you won't try to win.

Get clear about who has ownership of your life, you or the people who are better than you?!!

Decide that fearing a bear or a snake or disease makes sense, but fearing the opinions or the successes of other people is just f'ing madness that you refuse to continue to participate in!



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