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Meek Mills Leaves His Baby Momma

How many "beautiful" women have get pumped and dumped and baby mama'd for you to understand that LOOKS don't hold no fukking man: NONE!!

They all can get tired of you. They are can seek out NEWNESS after they ride your snatch into the ground..

You are here breaking your neck to try to "level Up" in hopes of becoming the woman that a "High Value" man with money wants.

But look at what is happening to these women when they bag these men!!

Men change after the baby comes. Hell, they change after the FIRST NUT!!

We see this over and over again with women who are "Naturally" feminine and pretty.

We see that their attractiveness is NOT an immunity to mistreatment and the exploitation of their bodies..

They will use you as a REBOUND choochie to soothe their bruised ego.. How can the relationship be at an end right when they baby is born? Was it a REAL RELATIONSHIP to begin with???

I can answer that: NURP

This is why you don't want be caught out here fukking men for handshakes and instagram photos...

Now she's a baby mama, a single mother for what? Because he's bored?

You are better than this....

I know that holding out it antiquated in the minds of many young women today because you have your own income and pay your own bills. But ask yourself if your money cures the emotional damage done by men who toy with you psychologically?. Ask yourself if you money creates a buffer from the feeling of raped by deception because dude made promises and sold you dreams that he never intended for you to experience with him?????

Your vagina cannot be replace but his money can.. Now tell me what's worth more???


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