Meeting In The Catacombs

Today is the day my lovelies. We are meeting in the catacombs to confer degrees and to learn REAL LEVEL UP life skills when communicating with men or anybody that you want to perform a service or a behavior for you.

Click the photo to take you to the Our private UGC Instagram page.

We will be learning about the fundamentals in communicating with men. Things should say and things you should not say for a loooong time.

We will talk about how you energy plays a pivotal role in how responsive men will be to you and your requests.

We will discuss some controversial tactics for how you need to position yourself as a woman who's mission is to get the things she needs..

Body Language

Tone Of Voice



And much More cause You know I go DEEP ALWAYS!!

If you have not sent me your Log in email to the UGC. please do it now so that your account can be verified and your request to follow me on IG granted.. Do not wait until 5 p.m. to do this, You will miss the live chat and will just have to view the replay in the archives...

Go to @DivestFromBeauty

Talk with you all soon!!!

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