Mindset for Manifesting

Not too many people know this puts the right frame of mind to be able to manifest what you want in this life is with the use of anger!



I want you to think back to those moments when you were frustrated with your situation or maybe a person was getting on your last nerves.

When you became angry, this was when you mustered up the courage to confront them.

This was when you started looking for solutions to your problem by researching or reaching out for help.

When you got angry, you got focused and more precise about what you wanted to get away from or what you wanted to invite into your life..

Your anger helped you consolidate your energy, for you made sure not give up your extra time to foolishness.

Anger is the most POWERFUL emotion you possess, and it is the key emotion for conjuring and manifesting.

This love and light nonsense is misguiding many of us.

We instinctively do not resonate with the whole feeling of joy about things we do not have.

Anger and frustration makes more sense, we can wrap our heads around it and we've seen its fuel put into action.

When you want anything done efficiently and timely, it is with frustration and anger that you will get the task completed or solve the problem or acquire what you are after!

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