Negativity Will Stop Love and Money

The amygdala is an almond sized cluster of nuclei sitting in the temperal lobe of your brain. It is responsible for manufacturing your emotions (fight or flight) and it cranks out more negative, fearful emotions than positive ones.

Why? Because negativity or being negative is like having a personal body guard.

When the amygdala produces negative emotional responses, you become prepared to respond or remove yourself from danger.

Positivity or positive emotions renders us defenseless for it is not a defensive emotion. A perceived threat can be anything that scares you, makes your anxious, nervous, doubtful or ashamed..

Being negative is a primal instinct.

Being negative is about survival.

But being in constant survival mode also alters our perception of reality.

👉🏿We miss opportunities because of fear of perceived threats.

👉🏿We dismiss our own abilities because of the "threat" of being rejected or ostracized.

👉🏿We miss out on love because of the threat of possible abandonment or fear of not being accepted because of how we look.

👉🏿We miss out on money because we are afraid of being judged as selfish and uncooperative for having goals that we largely benefit from.

Negativity is your PROTECTION against threats, but it's up to you to determine what is an *actual threat and what is not... Get Up! "The Ugly Girls Ambassador" ~Salkis Re

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