Nobody Cares About Your Pain

So listen, this pity thing you are doing is just wasting precious time.

Nobody cares about your struggle and those who want to hear it just being entertained by your drama, sort of like a soap opera!

If you are weak minded, you've got to fix that. And you fix it by making emotionally independent decisions as often as you can.

Decide quickly and worry about making a mistake latter, but the goal is to train yourself to think independent of others opinion.

I have a long history helping women over insecurities. When I had my hair salon, I spent countless billable ours with no pay getting women's inner beings together. And I'm here to tell you that the story you tell becomes who you are.

Your story is your belief.

It will give you hope or the feeling of helplessness.

You wake up everyday with the same narrative and you'll make each day the same.

Want respect?

You don't beg for that!

Want love?

You don't ask for that!

Want money?

You don't hope for that!

We have to become problem solvers instead of problem stators!

You can outline all the things that are wrong with your life, but what will you do about them?

Wait until you are healed?

You'll be waiting forever on that then!

Healing is about seeing a way out of your physical or emotional condition, but you won't experience true healing while sitting on your hands.

Healing isn't passive.

Healing is active, determined and conviction driven..

Healing and Fear can't live in the same space.

And your fear is your anticipation of preheating an unwanted result.

Ask yourself if you were in control of your mind when you made that past mistake.

Were you going along with another person's program, were you dismissing gnawing in your belly to not do a thing, yet you did it anyway?

If so, then I have good news for you. It's not that you make bad decisions, it's that you don't move with your RIGHT MIND! Your right mind said STOP, or don't fuk him, or don't reveal this, or don't go along with that: AND YOU IGNORED YOUR OWN MIND!!

When will you start listening to you?

"The Ugly Girls Ambassador"

~Salkis Re

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