Pain Sells!!

Listen UGC, one of the main reasons I never go deep diving into tragic events in my own life is because I don't want the premise of this mission to be about trauma bonding.

Women want to cry on shoulders and swap trauma stories because it's offers relief for them at your expense.


Now that may sound like a harsh judgement call and I don't apologize for it being so.


Because other women are EXPECTING us to share that part of our lives with the world.

They don't want to hear that you've overcome, they want you to relive what you've been through so they can feel relief and a distraction from their own pain.

We are the Ugly Girls Club because "We Refuse to Be Defined By How We Look", not because we are fishing for approval or fake compliments and support.

We divest from beauty to take our power back from those who feel we are beneath them.

And why do most of them assume that we are beneath them?

Because we've allowed them to think that they have the power to affirm our worth.

THAT'S what this coalition is about: affirming our worth by excluding the parameters they use to cut us out of their spaces!

You don't need their sympathy, empathy, encouragement or inclusion.

You need self respect a ferocious determination to experience what you interpret as success and happiness for your own life!

Give them back their rate cards, accolades, acknowledgement and fake concern for you..

Self Acceptance is the only vehicle you need and it will take you anywhere you want to go!!

"The Ugly Girls Ambassador"

~Salkis Re


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