Play The Cards Life Has Dealt!

I've always been against obsessing over how you look. I do feel that there are more important endeavors than the constant contemplations over looking good.

Most people are average looking anyway, but the want to improve means that hope will always be for sale.


My advice to women is to not to take flattery or compliments as a truthful measure of a person's adoration or respect for you.

We all cannot be sexy sirens out here and we do not have to be either.

Trying to force yourself into an Archetype that goes against what you can/are easily associated with will make you look desperate for attention instead of comfortable in your own skin.

If you are skinny, why try to be sexy when you can pull off innocent instead?

Better to get you some $200 dollar designer clogs for feet and pair them with frilly ankle socks along with a sundress. Top the look by putting a daisy in your hair, for this is better than trying to fill out a Bodycon dress with your pelvic bone poking out.

Find out what your flex is and ride that until the wheels fall off the wagon. Don't try to imitate any woman who is effortlessly doing what you want to be; She will always outshine you.

Monopolize on what comes easy FOR YOU and you'll win the attention, admiration and respect that you deserve because won't feel like a clown getting lost in the crowd...

"The Ugly Girls Ambassador"

~Salkis Re


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