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Preparing for Sunday's Live

SO my UGC crew! We are going live this Sunday to talk about our VAGINAS and SEX EEEEK!

lol, Come through and let's discuss these yoni pearls, yoni eggs, detoxing from diks,

What to do to your body after that a bad break up..

Some Questions:

Can you really untie yourself physically from a past relationships?

Can you detox from dik and what are the benefits of doing so?

How much time should you give yourself before engaging in sex after a break up?

What happens to your body to cause soul ties?

Learn about the power of your yoni and how it can serve to help you manifest the things you want..

Sunday, Aug 9th

Time: TBA

P.S. Please send in your telephone numbers so that I can send you a text invitation, Some of you are not getting the emails in time and I need to reach you before we go live.. send numbers to:

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