Relationships Are Power Based

Relationships are about control. Please do not see them as love for at least the first 10 years in.

If your union survives that long, then there's a chance that the two of you have developed a care for each other that transcends your beauty, sex, money and keeping score in who reciprocates more than whom.

Relationships are about control because he wants sex from you, most times for no compensation, and you want security in the form of a label "Girlfriend" or marriage.

Why do you want marriage? Answer: To control him and his options.

Why does he want sex from you? To tie you down emotionally.

Each person in the relationship wants to immobilized the other.

The question: Is this morally right?

The Answer: It's human nature.

Most of us struggle with love because we try to force ideals that go against emotions. Ideals are rooted in logic, but people are driven by their emotions. So we have a quagmire here.

How do we balance logic with our emotions?

By thinking before we act upon an emotion. But you know what women will say in response to this solution? "Well men don't have to do blah, blah blah.."

And to that I say: Mind YOUR BUSINESS!

Be concerned with what is required for the results YOU want!

Men are not our equals, never have been. We have specific sets of needs and protocols that we must adhere to in order to have those needs met.

To Control a man is the goal.

We have bearable terms for the word control, commitment, responsibility, loyalty, union, security...

You want him to love only you. You want him to sacrifice for you, to meet all your needs. What does that sound like to you...

Is it bad? Only if he doesn't want to do it!!

Get Up!!

"The Ugly Girls Ambassador"

~Salkis Re

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