Retire Your Man???

Would you retire your husband if you started making

enough money for him not to have to work?

I have coached women who turned into the breadwinners in the relationship, and I honestly cannot say that any of them were happy with that dynamic long term.

It seems that men with a lot of time on their hands and no responsibility to bring in finances tend to seek activities that challenge the intergrity of their relationship.

A lot of symbolic support begins to happen like foott rubs, dropping off lunches and routine check in calls that turn into tracking your vincinity to where he might be with his side chick.

He make purchases and investments that you aren't aware of only to find out that he's paying bills for another woman by using your sweat equity.

You are grinding so that he can become a hobbyist?

I truly believe that a man's desire or motivation to be with you changes if the tax bracket does.

Now he can afford the woman he really wants when he makes more money.

This may seem like a pessimistic outlook, but I've never ever been concerned with delivering optimism or positivity when it comes to relationships with men.

Why? Because being honest is the only thing that will bring you peace in this life.. Are you the best thing that has ever happened to the man you are with?

How many of us were ever that for anyone we were with? Some of us end up in relationships simply because that person had no other options: can you admit that you are the "Only Option" instead of the "Best Option". Don't Wade in water...

I want you to run with truth as your shield so that you anticipate things before they happen. So that you are no longer afraid of seeming unreasonable..

Truth DEMOLISHES guilt!



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