She Is His Preferred?

It's cringy to hear women prattle off the talking points of other women and men who think they shouldn't exist. I want to say: "Are You gonna get a GirlScout Cookie For Reverberating That Statement Every Chance You Get?"

We reinforce narratives that create a feeling of helplessness and shame and wonder why our lives show no measurable progress.

Your beliefs are your weapons!

Your beliefs ARE your potential.

There's just no way around this because your beliefs create the possibility or probability within your mind about what you can be or do or have.

Being an UGLY GIRL is about exposing Mutha Phukkers and their motivations, and their intentions, and what their TRUE VALUE is in terms of what they can or will add to your life.

A person who thinks you are pretty will want to claim you, that's what we call possessiveness over here: That’s what we call LOVE!

Now you ask yourself what is their desire to possess you worth to YOU!

How can you eat that?

Are they gonna feed you because of all that sexual frustration and anxiety they have for not being able to touch you or phuk you?

How Do I Get To Eat Because Of What You Feel About Me?

That is the question you should have in the back of your mind when you want to put your ass on display for Facebook and Tik Tok followers. Because giving these men free looks and free dik-jacking pics in exchange for a like or thumbs-up is a total waste for your camel-toe and your cleavage!

So we divest from all that fluff and phuckery because we now know that CONCERN is better than love, for concern can be quantified through ACTION and SACRIFICE.

We don't need to see that " I love but I'm Not ‘IN’ love with you" confusing ass word salad as an expression of true feelings anymore!!

Stop being that woman who needs to hear lies to feel good about yourself!
Stop being that woman who can be easily shamed!!
Stop being that woman who allows people to manipulate you!

Self acceptance is better than self esteem because self esteem brings you back around to the same loop of needing feedback from others about your worth or worthiness.

‘The Ugly Girls Ambassador”

~Salkis Re


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