She Thinks You Are Beautiful? So What!


What if I told you that I thought that your looks made your message easier to grasp?

You're not ugly but because of your looks, "ugly" is an analogy for some metaphor for colorism.

I'm not saying your attractive to be nice either.

You're better looking than some of these level up gurus and if you chose to do the level up thing, you would be considered a trophy.

I have a friend who you remind me of, she's earthy and an artist like you,, always putting herself down because she's darkskin. I feel that she was ugly because she kept saying she was..



Ok UGC, what do we have here, a supportive woman trying her best to uplift me? Was she offering me a healthier way to look at myself?

She stated that my message is easier to grasp because I look attractive to her, why would she say this?

This is called "Prepping" or "Grooming" in my opinion.

Why couldn't she simply say that my content was beneficial to her? Isn't that the gist of all this babble?

She couldn't come out and say it because she felt guilt for resonating with the message.


Because of the word: Ugly

She wanted me to consider her evaluation of me as the correct way for me to see myself. She wanted to offer me selfworth and self esteem through interjecting her opinion of how I look.

This is A TRAP!!

And you all have to start seeing this is shyte called beauty as the manipulation tool that it is...

Don't be so easily softened by kind words, look for the motives behind them. And when you do, you'll see that sentiments of your beauty come from a selfish place within other people.

  1. They want you to think that they are good.

  2. They want you to think that they are honest.

  3. They want you to think that their evaluation of you is the authoritative word.

Now, some of you will ask:

" Is it that serious?"

And to that question my response is YES, it will always be that serious for the UGC.

Our protection comes from "Right Thinking" or what others call over analyzing.

I don't consider it a bad trait to sift through what people are saying to find the truth!

Everybody wants something, and your JOB is to determine what that is...


"The Ugly Girls Ambassador"

~Salkis Re


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Tell me what you think ladies. I want to know how you are using the UGC Philosophy to analyze and disarm people who try to dominate your personal space.

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