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I don't think I've ever been politically correct, though there was definitely

a time when I was hesitant to voice my opinion about things because

it seemed to miraculously inspire people to

state their personal opinions about me.

And that was a hurdle for me because I didn't want to have

the confrontations, the arguments or be forced into apologizing

because they took my opinion personally.

But I've come to realize that external opinions and your

internal autonomy are a package deal.

When you step away from the pack and make your

dividing line clear, it's going to make people uncomfortable with you.


Because a shared opinion brings predictable behaviors

which make others feel more comfortable around you.

This is how culture is formed.

Culture isn't based on truth or even right action, culture is

created for emotional bonding and one mindedness

and a giving up of your individuality.

You trust someone and like them more when

you share the same views or habits as you.

And those who don't are off script and make you uneasy

because you simply don't know what an

independent mind is thinking or planning.

You'll question if they respect you or if they are willing

to accommodate your needs.

Friends are made between like-minded people

because it builds trust and a sense of safety.

But it also builds illusions and a ceiling for your

growth because any outpacing of your friend

(you losing weight, making more money, getting married)

then she/he no longer feels a shared interest

or sense of predictable safety with you.

The relationship or "Relating" to each other dissipates.

Being FREE-willed is very much about thinking

singularly and walking alone in your thoughts,

your desires and expectations.

So the question is this: Can you think for yourself?

Can you go through life having a singular view of this world?

Can you bear being the black sheep in the family

or dancing to the beat of your own drum?

Can you abandon your culture if it doesn't serve your highest potential?

Can you let go of the food your momma made

for you growing up if it's affecting your health and well-being?

Can you endure being looked at as the odd ball if it means that you live as you want?

Choices to make and less than a lifetime to make them now..

Salvage what's left of your life and RIN WITH IT!

Do what frightens you!

Make your mark and don't be afraid of

bruised knees to get there!


"The Ugly Girls Ambassador"

~Salkis Re

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