Stay A Fool For Love!

There are a lot of people who won't like you when you decide to change for the better.

Many men will say that it's too late for you to transform because you are supposedly past your prime.

Their logic seems to be that putting a bullseye on your forehead to remain an easy target so that you and continue making insufferable choices in men..

And they want you to continue to be naive so that they're allowed an opportunity to corrupt your body like those who hurt you.

No matter what we propose to do to make changes that are in alignment with what we want to experience, men will say that it's too late for virtue, clarity of purpose and second chances..

But It's always a devil who tries to scare you.. Remember that when men come with unsolicited criticisms about you, especially those who don't even know you.. "The Ugly Girls Ambassador" ~Salkis Re


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