Staying Disease Free

There's an infection going around that's 100 times worst than the Corona Virus.

It causes depression and insecurity at first contact, then ensuing digestive issues rendering you incapable of ingesting new ideas and ultimately a loss of the zest for life.

Your body becomes septic from inactivity and lack of determination.

And before long, total organ failure starting with a broken heart.

How to prevent yourself from getting sick?

Have a definite purpose that fuels your mind and keeps you excited when you get up in the morning.

Your conviction and feelings of excitement is will strengthen your immune system enabling you to ward off communicable diseases similar to mediocrity, lack of imagination, fear and BIRD FLU.

Quiet time and positive thoughts will help your body assimulate the nutrients you ingest from learning, practicing and launching your dream life.

Fight the disease to please others by tuning out and turning off the fear of criticism AND the approval. Indifference about both will help keep you healthy, emotionally stable and prosperous!

"The Ugly Girls Ambassador" ~Salkis Re


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