When I think of happiness, I think of good health and being around people who care about me.

When I think about having peace, I think about solitude, meditation and being alone.


There's nothing more lonely and more peaceful than solitude.

I think it's a necessary skill to adopt, learning to be alone I mean.

Having uninterrupted thoughts helps you to flesh out how you feel about what you think.

Knowing why you think about what you think about is self reflection, introspection and healing in its own right.


Relationships with men keep us preoccupied with what they want, need, think or feel. And we hardly get a break from worrying about what a man/men think-about us whether we are pukking them or not.

Men are a distraction from purposeful endeavors. They are a pleasurable escape, but a distraction no less.

A relationship with a man is like a life long journey of low level fear of being totally abandoned or emotionally traded in for a prettier model.

And those distraction makes you forget that you all are healers, writers, philosophers, Priestesses, teachers or mothers.

Women resign themselves to watching two men: a Lover and Father Time.

You become the timekeeper to chart the exact moment when your physical beauty decline and/or when his love for you starts to fade.

There's no peace in relationships because we want something that his emotions cannot give us: A Guarantee.

But the human animals that we and the need to reproduce that we have is what drives us to seek pair bonding anyway.

Above all, biology calls..

So try to make it as beneficial as possible by only giving one chamber of your heart to any man..

Save the other 3 chambers for yourself, provided that you still have those in working condition.

Heartbreak is real both in the literal and emotional sense. Mending a broken heart happens through self acceptance not by a new lover, for if he is good to you, you'll have gained something new you will fear to lose..

So give yourself what you need.

Be honest with you.

Be trusting of yourself to make the best decisions for you at all times.

"The Ugly Girls Ambassador"

~Salkis Re


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