Symbolism For Ugly Girls

We as Ugly Girls have to endure a lot of virtue signaling from other women who play victim along side us in order to use us as mules..

I listen to men complain about women and women complain about men while they both feel inspired to make unattractive women feel insignificant and insecure.

Your self esteem has nothing to do with how you look, but everywhere we turn, we are being told that in order to convey self esteem, we have to be pretty.

I'm telling you that attractive women are just as insecure as any other woman! I have yet to meet a woman who hasn't questioned her worth, who hasn't worried about being good enough, who isn't preoccupied with validation.

Women are invested in making us feel small, unworthy and limited in potential, while distracting us in order to turn the focus on what men do as if men could pull preference without a woman backing him up.

Your focus should be on being as original and unique as you possibly can. Conformity of any kind with not offer you any reprieve.

They will laugh at your efforts to become like them. They will mark you for poor mimicry and decry you for being beggarly in your pursuit to fit in.

You have to accept that you are a Wunderkind, a Maverick, a Wiz kid, an Adept, a Crackjack and potential master of your own life *BECAUSE* you don't fit in!

When the criticisms come (and they will) anticipate them and understand that unsolicited critiques are the way the utterer tries to self soothe and calm his/her own anxieties. They criticize you to help them feel better about themselves: *FULL STOP!

And this is what we've always done as unattractive women; we are constantly, whether directly or indirectly, making everyone feel better about themselves by verbalizing our need for their acceptance.

This coalition was birthed out of a necessity to help save the lives of young adults to older women who feel invisible and alone in this world.

I believe that unattractive women have the potential to restore order and balance in this chaotic world?


Because we know the true nature of EVERYONE. We understand how evil men AND women can be!

We've watched the slight of hand from those we respect and depended on as well as those who've turned their backs on us.

And it is up to us to be examples of real self esteem, the kind that isn't inside a tube of lipstick or someone's bank account but the kind that encourages caged women to open the doors to the emotional booby traps set in place by those who want our shoulder of well meaning women to cry on.

Wear your shirt proudly. It's a conversation starter. It will pull women who feel unattractive towards you to talk and get comfort.

It will make other women uncomfortable because you've taken away the one thing that makes them feel authoritative: your concern over what they feel about how you look.


"The Ugly Girls Ambassador"

~Salkis Re

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