The Exploitations We Go Through...

All around the world women are trafficked for the sexual gratification of men BUT we are sold on the viability of flesh peddling via the selling pitches of other women..

We are seen as cattle to men and collateral damage by other women.

Sex slaves for the enjoyment of society's supposed aristocratic fellows or people we are told are smiled upon by God because they live an opulent life style...

I talk about the falsehood between melding together assumptions between high morals and high value people because one has nothing to do with the other...

For the right price, someone could make you disappear out here.

For the right price, someone could set you up to be trafficked out here...

Money overrides morality and we see how the Average Joe/Janet makes sense of this when they see others displaying irresponsible behavior.

So what does high value actually mean for those of us who are considered bottom tier women within our society?

High Value as far as UGC is concerned is about being congruent with habits and expectations. Too many of us get caught up in the "Having High Standards" trope when we do not live our own lives free from internal conflicts between what we say we want and what we do in spite of what we want.

What Do I Mean?

Well, high valued people are NOT on conflict about their morals (though corrupt it may very well be). They are resolute about their goals and their perspective on life. They do not consider losing in order to be fair to other people. They do not see anything they desire as a "bad thing"...

We on the other hand, come with extreme amounts of guilt and even shame about our goals and aspirations. Some of you want a relationship, but you state that you are ashamed to admit that you want to be a wife or a mother!

THIS is why our results as UGC girls are not inconsistent. We need to align ourselves with our goals. We need clarity of purpose and strong who/what/when/why/how for everything that we do!

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