The Great Reset!

Ok UGC! So today, New Year's Day, marks a zero time reference.

The starting point.

aThe clean slate if you will. Now you get to either become a whore or never whore again! Now you can either become well read, a comedian, a scholar, a mother, a good person, physically fit or you can choose to continue slummin and bummin, be hard to please, hard to get along with.

You can decorate your room in a Hello Kitty or do that Bram Stoker's Dracula theme that people think you're weird for liking.

You can do mission SNATCHED WAIST or make having a fishy cunt last year's dilemma!

You can Put Your Purse First this year and spend money on business ventures instead of more wigs.

You can become that digital nomad you've always dreamed of being.

Maybe you want to live in your van for a year and travel across the United States as you live off grid an dhunt your own food!

You can call up that guy you dissed last year, you know the one you thought was corny when he was such a sappy gentleman for you and try to respark the flame of romance.

You can stop this asinine belief in Pretty Privilege once and for all, or maybe let go of your perfectist delusions, especially when you don't ever complete what you are attempting to perfect.

You can either let your hair down or shave that bycth off this year, no fear of judgement cause UGC girls know that even when you do what they say, they'll still criticize you.


I'm plugging away at finishing thhe Dark Goddess University so that you all will have resources for living your best lives, lives without fear of rejection or fear of status, or fear of bytch-made men OR women, so stay tuned for that.

My goal is to have every UGC subcriber join us on Patreon to get the support and community vibes and LIFE LESSONS from myself and other courageous women whoare sharing their life stories with us..

Another goal of mine is to have every UGC member order an art piece from my art gallery:

When I became an artist, I did it for the purpose of providing visuals that spark the inner child within us as women.

When you have been neglected your entire life, it can be a struggle to dream, to play, or to explore because everyone wants to remind you that you dreams are only for girls who look like princesses and that only pretty girls have to the privilege of imagination, friendship or love.

So I picked up the brush to tell those stories, to share the thoughts that I was too initimidated, too insecure to express. You need a Salkis Re art piece to remind you to speak up, to not be afraid or even ashamed of your experiences in life.

One regret I had was not going to the Game Of Throne interactive concert back in 2017! I wanted to go dressed up as Cersi Lannister and rock out to the violins man.. If they ever do it again, IM GOING~~

Fanatics intrigue me. Fanatics excite me. I love when people display a passion for something other than sex or food or being pretty.. Those are incredibly interesting people to be around..

I don't know about you, but I intent to color outside the lines this year. No rules where don't don't need to be any!! Im gonna mix and match just like this bad-ass coat!

What are your plans?

First things first, join us on Patreon today!

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