The Limitations Of Beauty

Jeremiah 4:30

"And when you are plundered, what will you do? Though you clothe yourself with crimson, though you deck yourself with ornaments of gold, though you enlarge your eyes with paint, in vain shall you make yourself fair; your lovers will despise you, they will seek your life."


The above quote is a Biblical verse about the powerlessness of beauty. it statement implies that you make yourself beautiful for others and they still seek to destroy your life..

when we think of beauty UGC, we must think of it as an instrument, a tool, a utility, not a measure of virtue.


Because men will become complacent, bored, indifferent, restless and uncooperative NO MATTER HOW BEAUTIFUL YOU APPEAR TO BE!

Beauty creates a false sense of security, an illusion of equal exchange of value when in actuality nothing you do will ever be "enough" for lust driven men.

And why do we know men are lust driven? Because his prerequisite for emotional attachment is sexual arousal instigated by your beauty..

Men lead with this requirement can and often do get trapped into a web of pretense and superstition of their own making also.


They want you to a trophy so that other men can be envious, but if other men can compete AND WIN her heart. they call foul. They put you on display to create jealousy and status and when it works they flag the play!

Makeup is a requirement to turn heads, to get offers and to negotiate agreements (girlfriend, marriage) and your knowledge of this should alert you as to how Fugazi interactions with men truly are.

Possession, dominance, competition, selfishness, pageantry, and acting are what we INVITE into relationships when we promote our worth with GLAMOR.

Ask Cardi B. She knows.....

So do we not try to look our best? Of course you do!

You must look your best but with the understanding and the emotional tools required to handle what you are conjuring up and who you are attracting..

~The Ugly Girl's Ambassador

~Salkis Re


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