The Way To Get What You Want

Since Covid, I've witnessed a level of fear and desperation unlike anything I've ever witness in my short existence.

I watch as women promote the selling of one's soul for a coin, and the total abandonment of a woman's individuality. And what we have now is total confusion as to what we should have or what we should be.

Having a relationship with a man invites longevity of life, a calmness and sense of safety that helps to preserve health and beauty. But at what cost are you trying to attain it?

To get what we want as UGC girls requires compromise and sacrifice, not of our bodies and minds but of our corrosive belief systems.

If you are ok with a belief that you feel diminished and helpless for having, you need to fix this by replacing it with a belief that consists of facts and your core beliefs..

You have to think about what you want before you'll get it and you have to think about that want with inputting emotional interferences of doubt and negative speculations surrounding attaining it.

If you want a man, you have to think and feel that you are entitled to have one. And you'll have to let go of notions that you are a magnet for bad guys or that your natal chart shows that you aren't comparable with men you are attracted to, or any other foolhardy assumption that cannot be proven as the absolute truth!

Some of you have hit the pause button and you've decided to not do anything towards attaining a goal or a desire because you are shattered brained or depressed or still healing from the last mistake..

News flash! There is no right time to do a thing outside of the inclination to do it!

When your mind rings the alarm to get your attention about something you desire, you have to move towards it swiftly. Moving fast on desires is about taking advantage of your momentum and will power, two of which dissipates rather quickly after the thought crosses your mind.

Ever say that you are going to exercise today? Then you get up to put your sneakers on, but you decide to take out the garbage or scramble some eggs first. Then you say that you've got to wait for your eggs to digest, so you'll exercise in an hour.

What was supposed to be a morning workout hasn't happened yet because you then had to answer a few emails or call your mother. Before you know it, the afternoon approaches and you still have not done one sit-up, and then you talked yourself into deciding that tomorrow will be better day to workout..

Your day ends without you actualizing what you were initially inspired to do.

That's how self sabotage works. Manifestation is about keen focus and immediate action. If you are waiting to be better, you'll only gather up more reasons not to do a thing.

Failure to manifest comes from failure to concentrate.

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