Things Every Ugly Woman Should Know

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

I am about to go live on Youtube to share with you and all my subscribers about the fundamentals of being an UGLY GIRL..

Many of you do not see being an outcast as a grace. You want desperately to conform and to be accepted by the herd. But the herd is pushing you towards freedom and you are oblivious to it!

it is time to step into the fullness of your personal power, to unlock all of your potential and take a seat on your proverbial throne...

I wrote this during the Witching Hours.

The Witching Hours for those of you who do not know is the time when the veil between the spirit realm and the physical realm is the thinnest. It is said that you can speak to angels and ghosts and powerful beings during the hours of 2-4a..m.

It is a transmission time that I find uninterrupted by outside thoughts, answers come without interference.

Read This Transmission And archive it for future reference:

An Ugly Girl has to be receptive to solitude. She has to become adaptive to character traits of singularity and living outside the copycat mentality of the average conformity-driven, herd mentality that is WOMEN.


The Ugly Girl wears the costume of femininity but plays the feminine role through tonation and adjusting her temperament to get things done, but she NEVER allows the role of femininity to pigeonhole her outside of it's purpose..


An Ugly Girl  understands that a man's love ISN'T the goal because his DESIRE for her is what creates a bond by which she can extrapolate trinkets and favors and his commitment to her.


And Ugly GIRL is a deep thinker. She doesn't make  DECISONS NOR DRAW CONCLUSIONS in haste.  She also doesn't allow anyone to pressure her to respond with an answer before she is ready to give them one. She WAITS to decide in order to reduce the margin of error..


The UGLY GIRL can appreciate beauty in other women without morphing it into internalized jealousy because she is SELF identified and has learned (through society's rejection of her) that she is actually blessed to be driven away from the harems.


 She is an OUTSIDER, an OUTLIER who get's to determine her identity without the imposition of scripts and uniforms that other women are detained by.

The Ugly Girl sees a man's  attention and mostly banter, taking nothing said by men with any deep contemplation. He represents only momentary pleasure until he displays motivations to add more than just a moment of pleasure to her life. 

Every word he speaks is taken as THEATER, for he has learned the art of evocation through Word Play and readily incites you to utilize your imagination while vetting him while single handedly discrediting your healthy suspicions of him..  But you are wired [as an Ugly Girl] to see the flaws in us all, just as the world declares yours... 


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