Tinder Swindler, Lawd!!

So ya'll, I am so busy running several businesses that I still haven't finished watching Tinder Swindler, but the bits I have watched are cringe-worthy enough to tell you all to be careful with these dating apps.

I wish mother's were more honest with their daughters when it comes to this princess trope they perpetuate during our formative years.

The dolls you give your daughters and the Disney movies you let her watch, paint a picture of how relationships with men are supposed to end up.

Those propaganda movies that your little girl watches tells her that her beauty will save her or be so powerful that it could convert a beast into a man who loves her.

Fast forward to today, and you have women still talking about romantic love like the same Disney movies she watched as a child. Grown ass women with gray hair on their choochies still talking about happily ever after and finding a man who will ride off into the sunset wanting her and her alone..

Dealing with men on any capacity is not a cake walk. Not a fairytale. Not an equally yoked kinda thing even if his education and tax bracket is the same as yours.

If you are lucky in enough to stumble upon an inexperienced man, then maybe you'll have a life devoid of extreme lows with him, But men with experience, options, and perversions: HOLD MY BEER.!!!!

You may face a smorgasbord of vices, self esteem issues, varying degrees of sexual deviancy, selfishness etc...

And this is why I advise you all to look for what's wrong with the man. Don't think too deeply about the conversations you enjoy, or his attractiveness, or

his compliments. Don't think about the dinners, the gifts for no reason, or how good of a kisser he is.


Cause those are not going to show up as an issue in a long term relationship, as a matter of fact, most of that will subside and ebb down to acts of occasional desire.

What you'll start to get is a kiss to out of obligation and politeness when your relationship reaches the comfortable phase.

You can do dating apps if you like, they are just as risky as meeting someone in person whom you do not know, but the reason for being extra careful is that it's easier to create an identity with someone who can't see you everyday. It's easier to lie when you don't have to lie to one's face. This is the hazards of doing interaction online, so BE CAREFUL!!.

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