Trapped By Beauty!

If you are not careful, you'll be sucked back into the concept of self love being tied to your beauty.

Women struggle to articulate selfworth with the exclusion of attractiveness, yet condemn men for expressing materialistic, superficial drives to mate with women.

We are biased and speak with forked-tonques as women while complaining about men's inability to see passed a woman's looks.

When I advise you all to put down your defensiveness surrounding the need to prove that you are beautiful, what I'm really suggesting is for you to charge up your own soul! I'm asking you to shift your attention to something that gives you power instead of your beholder!

If the person looking at you is the one with the power to affirm you, to label you as attractive, then what part of that is empowering for you?

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder???

This means that you are a sitting duck until someone decides to give you a charitable compliment or charitable attention!

And my plus one's already know that compliments aren't free: EVER!!

Validation or edification come with expectations of winning your trust, your respect, your cooperation or your love!

Those who say that there's no Ugly Women are either trying to conceal how they truly feel about themselves or they are trying to convince others that they are fair and good natured women.

And it's bullshyte UGC!

You and I have called out what we deem unattractive. We've all made judgment calls based on our own biases, fears and expectations.

And the point here is for us to to expose our own hypocrisy in order to see it in other people!!!!!

We get to examine why we feel the way we feel about people too.

If someone is unattractive, do they deserve to be hurt, abused, mistreated?

If someone is unattractive, does this automatically mean that *they feel inadequate, fearful, insecure?

You have the platform to really think deeply about how you are communicating self worth as well as how you treat other people because whatever you think about yourself is what you'll project and what others will experience when in your presence.

I keep telling you all that we divest frombeauty because it's a EMOTIONAL TRAP and the one weapon that every hairyfoot broke-ass, narcissistic, psychopathic ameba uses to condemn and control you!

You have to give the devil back his seduction tactics cause YOU are only goign to end up a victim of your own deceptive charm..


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~Salkis Re

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