Ugly Women Are Jealous?

I am personally exhausted with women's obessive worrying about how they look.

We worry about how we when we look good,

we worry about how we look when we look bad,

we worry about who's looking at us,

we worry about who ain't looking at us.


If we spent as much time on our health as we do on our looks, we would be able to demonstrate emotional stability and wellness that cosmetics woud not be used to replacate...

The idea that it's mostly unattractive women throwing hatred against attractive women is simply untrue. Jealousy is a feminine trait and it doesn't need anything specific to provoke in women either.

You don't have to look better or be better than another woman and she'll still find a reason to hate or envy you, so let's not use Ugly Women as the main culprit of this sad, offfensive hateraid!!


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