If you let men convince you that there's something wrong with what you want, it's because you believe that God is a man.

You've been indoctrinated with shame by men because shame is a tool of subjugation. The easiest way to a get a person to concede to your will is by implanting doubt into her mind.

The simplest most effective way to do this is through administering fear and shame.

Men have NO POWER over a women who have no shame. And men know that women are even more dangerous than men are when they have no shame.

Having a man take care of you isn't even a real goal, it's a survival tactic, not something you feel proud of. Do you feel proud when you brush your teeth or make soup? Of course not!

These aren't goals, these are activities to maintain your well being and so is the man taking care of you.🤟🏿

"The Ugly Girls Ambassador"

~Salkis Re



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