What CAN You Become?

What CAN You Do?

Guilt is defined as: to pay a debt that is owed; failure of duty which results in a debt being owed.

Feeling Guilty about anything is representation of owing something to yourself!

Decide that there's nothing that will stop your purpose. Decide what you will sacrifice in order to get what you're suppose to have. Predetermine what your response will be to setbacks or criticism from others.

Preparedness in responding helps to modulate emotions, for the confusion over what to do in a crisis is eradicated when you've pre-planned the solution in your mind.

Be what is necessary to get things done. But remember that when/if you decide that you can't do a thing, it's because your inaction is feeding YOU with perceptions of limitations... GET UP!

"The Ugly Girls Ambassador" ~Salkis Re

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