What It Takes To Transform

Unattractive woman cannot afford to be weak and undisciplined.

If you are not getting what you want, it might be because of these things:

1. Laziness 2. Aimlessness 3. Being a Liar 4. Procrastination 5. Being Narcissistic 6. Being Undisciplined 7. Impulsive behavior 8. High Alcohol consumption

Things we have to conquer the most are shame and fear.

The results we get in life are in direct connect to our relationship with our bodies.

Self neglect is self defeat and a "Giving Up" of sorts. Can we communicate "value" and "worth" when we feel or look like we have let ourselves go?

Can we as Ugly Girls become magnetic beings if we don't like who we are?

And then the question is this: How do you like who you are?

Most of us try to like ourselves through being liked by other people. BIG MISTAKE!!!!!

These are the "Death Months" where the increased isolation of winter causes heightened feelings of loneliness and depression.

But this is the exact time to get in your cocoon and start the ball rolling towards chipping away at vices and bad habits because you can do it without external distractions.

Becoming More Entitled

When you become a BETTER YOU, you'll become an entitled woman in an authetic, sustainable way.

You will own who you become BECAUSE of the work you put into improving yourself.

No Cheating!

Self improvement for us Ugly Girls is to have less to be ashamed of and NOTHING to be apologetic for!

End your search for a Quick fix or a "Life Hack" because the pain and inconvenience of discipline is what creates transformation.

The Dark Goddess uses her pain to heal, to become better than her protractors.. And you have a lifetime of pain at your disposal to become a BEAST and outshine EVERYONE around you! Get Up!!

"The Ugly Girls Ambassador"

~Salkis Re

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There's no reason to drag this out.

Get the information you need to help you now.

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