What People Say You Need To Be

I know for a fact that a lot of you are more frustrated and insecure since consuming that level up content.


Because you know deep down inside you that what is required is not what you are capable of being.

You know that you are not gonna look exotic or ambiguously black no matter the type of wig you wear or how well you contour that face powder that's 4 shades lighter than your actual skin tone.

Y'all are still getting suckerd into believing the sales pitch of women promoting self love and self image while hiding behind an avatar. You are all still captivated and in total belief of those who can afford a glam squad and photo filters..

You believe every phuffing thing you cannot even prove is real, meanwhile you are sitting on a manuscript you need to publish, a business startup with products in your garage collecting dust, art that you are afraid to show, herbal formulas that have cured people that you are still scared to market..

You've got so much tangible shyte to do, but you prefer to learn how to phuffing GAMBLE away your time on a got damn fairytale and waiting on your season to come through.

While you wait for the sun to shine, the people you admire run in the rain, sleet, snow or hail..

You are waiting on the world to change while those you admire are selling you an alternate reality..

You've been waiting quite a while for retribution, for your karmic debt to pass over you to no avail....

You have been waiting for a reason to love yourself and thought the weight loss was going to give you the esteem you never had, but it didn't.

You thought the cute guy who was attracted to you would give you the esteem you never had, but his presence in your life just made you more neurotic and scared that we would leave you.

You thought the wardrobe change would boost your self confidence and that didn't do shyte but raise your drycleaning bill.



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