When Did We Lose Our Minds?

When I look at throwback pics of black women, we represented all sizes. We didn't feel like we needed fix-a-flat in our asses or Snufflufugus style lashes to be "Feminine".

Now there's so much pressure to conform to some plastic doll get up that makes sisters look like men who are trying to look like women.

You are enough! As you are right now. Getting glammed up is fun and the change satisfies our need to switch things up.

But you are not worthless outside of glamor.

Glamor should be seen as icing on a whole sugary cake. Substance should not be lost when we "make up". Beauty and self-love must merge somehow.

Even more important here is that your regime include reminders that the compliments you receive, and the likes and the attention you get when you present yourself as another person is NOT real: They are as made up as your face!

We are simply entertaining Fools who need glitter to get to know our souls..

Get Up!!!

"The Ugly Girls Ambassador"

~Salkis Re


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