Why Are You Still Single?

Are you not getting married because you aren't feminine?

And what does femininity even mean?

Are you single because you don't know how to make a house a home?

Because you don't wear dresses and heels?

Because you don't have a good job?

Because you have children already?

Examine these questions today and give your answers.

I will say this UGC. You aren't losing because you aren't classy or come from poverty or because you have an entry level job.

You are losing because you are intimidated by what you are attracted to.

You feel inferior to the object of you affections.

You have a poverty mindset in that you've convinced yourself that you don't have options.

You are not strategic about what you say, what you reveal or when you have sex.

You believe what men say.

You believe what men want.

You believe that men care about your morality and how responsible you are.

The only thing men care about is control, status and having their perversions fulfilled.

The ones who will/have likely loved you are the ones you weren't attracted to, the ones who were too willing, too eager to please you, the ones you could abuse at your leisure.

And the irony is this:

Those same character traits are what YOU project!

And this is why you aren't wanted!

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