Witches Brew!

Magic is religion too. Make no mistake about it. All religions and their offshoots are belief based systems to normalize being an elitist, being *special, being supernatural or chosen my God/S.

A spell is like psalms. Nothing but words rhythmically arranged in an emotive manner to incite excitement and anticipation within you just like you feel when you hear your favorite song.

They have no power other than the ability to make you believe that they do.

A determined mind is not bestowed upon special people only. A mind that can focus is an ability we all have access to.

The differences between us is simply belief and how comfortable or convinced we are surrounding what we believe.

You are preoccupied with accuracy, and your own prerequisite in needing the thing you believe to be true. Others simply make-what-they-believe come true.

All spell books will tell you that you must practice concentration and focus. They are say to let go of feeling frustrated and anxious about receiving what you want.

So this means that there's no need to ride a broomstick or stir cauldrons fill with frog piss soup to get you into focus and concentration mode.

You need to practice stillness. You actually need to learn how to cope with your boredom.

The need for constant noise and Neverending activeness is why concentrated focus is so hard for you to do.

If you can sit for an extended period of time without having to hear something or see something or say something, you are on your way to superior focus which invites sight beyond sight and an ability to to problem solve and sieze opportunities that once eluded you.

A witch is not a humanitarian.

She is a loner.

A collector of solutions to declutter and undistract her mind.

She depends on herself and his means that theres nothing she does that's motivated by fear or impressing other people.

That's It!

See beyond the black dress and broomstick, those are distractions to move your attentiveness away from what she is actually doing.

And she is doing deliberately what you do by accident..



"The Ugly Girls Ambassador"

~Salkis Re


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