You Ain't His Type???

Many women are now realizing that men will low-ball all types of women, even the ones they claim to be attracted to. And this validates all that I have said about the lack of pretty privilege and teh whoe scam behind because his type.

But how someone sees your value is determined by how in demand they assume you to be.

If he thinks that you get offers with ease, he will put pressure on himself to secure a claim to you. IF he assumes that no one wants you, that sends a message of lack of options and possible desperation to his mind.

Unfortunately, soooooooo many of our sisters send out direct or subtle messages that they are wanted or have never had what they wanted from a relationship.

The black woman's need to connect, to feel that other people is very strong and in inspires the need to gain sympathy from men.



Because men are predatory by nature and they hunt for what they need and want even if the goal is to scam a woman for money!

So why make it easy for men to figure you out? Why put your emotions on a sliver platter for men to pick off what he wants and throw the rest away.

We've got a shame problem.

We are sahmed about ho we look. We are ashamed about not looking a certain way. We are ashamed that we are not glorified and the standard of beauty.

And our conversations with men give off the energy of fear and lack.

To counteract this, most women adopt an air of conceit and privilege which makes us unenjoyable company.

Acting like you are better than someone else is not the way to position yourself as valuable: because you make people defensive when you do this.

You have to adopt an "I HAVE NOTHING TO PROVE" attitude about relationships. And by that I don't mean that you don't have to be charming, polite, entertaining, empathetic or well dressed. I am talking about not thinking that he is better than you or that you are better than him.

Remain neutral.

You put yourslef in the other person's shoes to establish value. You find out what they want or need or are afraid of nstead of focusing on getting your point across or stating what you exprectations are.

BE likable is about being calm and nonjudgemental.

And being nonjudgemental is easy when you adopt the attitude that you are no better or worse than anyoen else.

In other words: don't take take yourself too seriously..


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