You Ain't Shihhhhhh!

We are looking for reasons why we aren’t getting what we want. And those reasons that we are looking for are always outside of ourselves.

It’s got to be cultural reasons, status reasons, education reasons, attractiveness reasons, financial reasons, ***fukking mommy issues: Everything other than the woman staring back at you in the mirror is to blame.

You want to know what your problem is in 5 little words?

You want to be liked!

And there is a SHYTE load of nonsense that comes with that desire.

The preoccupation with being accepted has made us mentally slow when we don’t get it and delusional fukkers when we do!

You tell yourself that you are keeping relationships with people who don’t care about you because you can utilize their skills. You pretend to like your fukking mother because you don’t want to be disinherited!

Even the man who fukked you every which way but loose and bruised your cervix with his big ass dick was the man who kept you up at night wondering if he would marry you.

You are a perfection driven LOSER but don’t even realise it.

Strive to Be Efficient instead of trying to be liked.

Stop chasing FUN and all this distracting socializing you are doing with other women WHO ARE PRETENDING TO LIKE YOU!!!!

Get up off your ass and master self control meaning direct your focus to what you can control.

You like hearing that you are helpless because it makes you less embarrassed about feeling powerless.

And you don’t need to feel relief about being helpless, you’ve got to fight for the life you want!

Your bum-ass girlfriends are convincing you to settle to be less ambitious, to be insecure SO YOU’LL CONTINUE TO REACH OUT TO THEM FOR SUPPORT!

Today is a new day.

What script are you operating on today?

What will you do to pulverize your insecurity?

And I'm ALSO talking to you women who try to one up every fukking person you spend more than 5 minutes with cause you are trapped in your own feel special.



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