You Are What You Believe You Are

In my dreams, I was taught how to fly spaceships by Egyptian Pharaohs;

I Wrestled with lions in Roman Colosseums;

I could breathe and live in the ocean while talking to whales;

I was an alien with the ability to become invisible and time traveled through black holes;

I severed of my own arm to escape from being captured then regenerated my arm back.

In our dreams, there's nothing we cannot do, there's no problem we cannot solve, there's no limits to our imagination and this is because when we are dreaming, we are unconscious.

And being unconscious means that you are in a pure state of mind, unadulterated, a mind where your fears and limiting beliefs lay dormant while you're asleep, and you are simply uaware of what you've decided to believe you cannot do or be.


During waking hours, we are in conflict with our awareness. We want to change or have more, but inside our minds we think we can't because every new day is just a rewind through our past.

We won't do something new because reliving yesterday provides comfort through familiarity.

But your dreams are a Polaroid for your own potential and your potential plays in your mind like a movie while your ego is asleep.

Do I have desires to wrestle lions? Not at all,

but experiencing the ability to put a lion down with my bare hands when I'm dreaming tells me that being afraid of criticisms of others while I'm awake is juvenile and cuts me off from exploring what I think (dream) I can do.


Why is it that you don't you feel pain when you are sleeping but as soon as you wake up your pain returns?

It's because you've returned your focus towards the belief that you suppose to be pain when you wake up staring at that cut again.

I've been through much pain n my life, many setback, emotionally, physically, financially... And the only thing that kept me going were my dreams.

Your dreams serve as blueprint. They give you warnings, tell you when to start or stop things, they inspire you to explore your curiosity or your talents..

But when you awake fromy our slumber, reality kicks in, or should I say what you've decided to believe reanimates itself and your excuses, fears, hesitations, complaints, laziness and self doubt come back with buttered popcorn in hand to take a seat within your conscious mind once again..

UGC, you have a powerful tool between your ears that you are not using to its fullest potential. It is time to move forward with your goals, your life purpose. Its time to offer your intelligence, your creativity, your nurturing spirit to YOUR LIFE!!

Is it possible that you will lose?


But you've lost more by doing nothing.

If I had listen to every one who critcized my efforts, I would have put down my paint brush, I would have put down my pen, I would have dismissed my life purpose which is to help women see that there's no one better than them, that theres no one to fear or be jealous of..

Are there people who do what I do better than I can?

Of course.

Does it matter to me?



Because my only assignment is to be the only thing I can can be: Myself

And in being myself, I live in self actualization; I live in self definitions; I live in a can do world of my own making...

So leave limitations for the fearful people to build doctrines around.

Your goal is to test your own resolve, to compensate for your flaws instead of obsessing over them, to find an innovative way of doing what's already been done before.

What's the point of claiming to be unique but never showing how unique you are?

Why making any claims that you aren't willing to sacrifce to maintain?

Are you going to be one of many women who just say things they don't truly believe or are you going to be one the few women who take a chance and go against the grain in order to be rewarded with peace, self sufficency and self love?

"The Ugly Girls Ambassador"

~Salkis Re

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