You Don't Need To Improve Your Looks!

Do you have to "Be" what you are looking for in another person?


You have to learn how to convince another person that they need what you have to offer.

And men do this supremely well.

All day and twice on Sunday, men spin narratives to women just like you about how what he lacks or what he isn't willing to do, is somehow not what you actually need anyway.

He sells you on settling for what he is prepared to offer and if he notices your resistance to his campaign, he'll just throw in a promise or two (a deferred promise) to coax you into sustaining your enthusiasm for a relationship that won't meet your needs from the start.

This is how men who are out of their league sell themselves to women, and women believe it because the verbal expression of concern coupled with sexual pleasure is the recipe that placeholders and Dusty lovers are made of.

The key to never being manipulated again is simply in knowing that you don't need to become anything to be in alignment with what you require.

Your requirements are simply your "core values" and your core values don't change if you lose your job, or you get sick, or you gain weight.

Your core values are unconditional!! So move that way and don't let anyone shame you into thinking that you are operating unrealistically because your values aren't in alignment with what they think you deserve..

"The Ugly Girls Ambassador"

~Salkis Re

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