You Have Low Self Worth Because of SEX!!

Why do you feel so insecure? Because of SEX Because you wanted sex and couldn't get it. Because you were used for sex when you gave it. Because the man you want to sex doesn't want it. Because he said for your sex, he wouldn't pay for it. Because when you gave it, he didn't honor it. Because you aren't sexually attractive enough to have it. Because you had sex and didn't like it. Because he said you were wack when you gave it. Because you can't get enough money for it. Because he said he won't wait to marry you to get it. Because you're not skilled enough when you do it. Because you want a better body in order to you have it. Because, Because, Because....
We suffer because of vanity. Make hasty decisions and trust people because of vanity. We cannot truly hold the seat of a Goddess and be "Worried" about being sexually appealing. The two collide with each other...

"The Ugly Girls Ambassador" ~Salkis Re


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