YOU Make HER Better Than You!

I talk about self worth on this platform alot because that is really what The Ugly Girls Club journey is about.

There are a lot of women guessing or trying to figure out the motive behind this coalition, but there's no big secret mission here.

The goal is to expose hypocrisy: ours as well as those of other women.

I understand the danger that manipulative men can cause in a woman's life. WE. All. Do.

But we try anyway because we are told that our suspicions hold no intelligence, no value and do not create a more meaningful existence.

Men emotionally manipulate us by using our own vanity as their weapon of choice.

And Women psychologically manipulate other women into assuming that a man has the power to affirm and validate her very existence via his sexual desires for her.

So what makes the focus on other women instead of men so pertinent here at the UGC?

It's the woman who preps and acclimates other women into emotionally or physically abusive environments.

Your girlfriend, sometimes even your own mother acts as a liason between you and the men looking for easy women to target for exploitation.

You've got a Ghislaine Maxwell type of chic as your beastie telling you to take his inconsistencies, his belittling, his dismissiveness, his disrespectful and his aggressive behavior, and see it for what it is, a mirro r to your value, and in particular, your level of unattractiveness.

Your girlfriends discourage your ambitions and invite you to consider fear of failing first and foremost in hopes that you won't even try.

Women prime other women for submissive role play and propagate a doctrine that claims that beauty is charitable, moral, spiritual, and a special gift from God for highly favorable women only.

It's women who have condemned you at every turn, but doesn't feel as severe because she slow drips away your defenses. Her condemnation of you is not demanding characteristically, but suggestive, subtle, sarcastic and insinuatingly deceptive in nature, so you don’t see it as something to defend yourself against.

I cannot express this enough: you have no allies.

And Im saying this to you not to alarm you but to alert you!

I'm saying this to you so that you can normalizing thinking for yourself instead of thinking the way you've been emotionally manipulated into thinking.

And what's that thinking?

That you are nothing without their co-sign.

That you are hopeless if you don't look a certain way.

That your voice doesn't count because you don't have social status.

Its a lie UGC.

Women are just PRETENDING to be better than you!

And the irony is that they need constant reassurances that they are better than you.

And guess how they get comfort that their positioning is secure?

From your tears, your apprehension, your bemoaning and your protesting of inequality.....



"The Ugly Girls Ambassador"

~Salkis Re


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