Your Abuse Is Your Fault!

When a man abuses you, it is at this point that you get to decide if he can still hold onto your heart.

You can stay for the kids,

or because you have nowhere else to go,

or because you're too old to leave,

or because you don't want to live alone,

but that heart that you gave him needs to be returned to you.

Unzip, unhook, unsnap or unhinge, his access to your love and allow it to come to an end.

Pain has a way of forcing us to see the truth of things.

The abrasive actions of the man you love isn't because he didn't have a father; it wasn't because he was raised by a single mother; it isn't because your fat; it's not because you let him get away with it; it's because his confidence and self satisfaction grows when he demeans you.

He feels like a "Somebody" when he belittles your existence and takes joy in the experience of witnessing your confusion and fear.

He feels accomplished and of higher stature when he can make you feel like you're beneath him.

And when you see that the heart you gave is unprotected,


stomped on,

ran over,


and torn apart,

don't just stand there watching him destroy it.

Go and retrieve her!

Pick up the pieces and wash her clean.

Rejoin the broken parts and swaddle her, and then when she's strong enough to start beating again, open up your chest and put her back inside you so she can resume her purpose of pumping self love through your veins..

A man in an Ugly Woman's Life will act better when he is tormented by the need to constantly ask for your love..

Ugly women have to learn how to administrator anxiety and pain.

When YOU finally realize that you must become the proprietor of pain and anxiety, you will no longer be the one in the relationship holding tight to men who do not care about you.


"The Ugly Girls Ambassador" ~Salkis Re Painting by Salkis Re


Knowledge is power because it influences right action. Some of you didn't have caring, Knowledgeable mothers to teach you womanly ways. And some of you weren't taught anything because your own mother didn't think you were pretty enough to be well informed.

But all of the anguish over not knowing ends today. Start gathering your war-chest of information so that society nor men will ever assume again they you are a candidate for usery.

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