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Learn the fundamental principles of self awareness and how to create a world view that supports emotional peace, inner beauty and magnetism so that you attract good people to your life.

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"Beauty is a Tool, Not A Virtue.."

~Salkis Re


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I am a Spiritual Life Coach,  portrait artist, and writer here to help women who think they're unattractive to start to feel more attractive and attracting within their bodies.


The energy blockages from trauma and pain have made many women live fragmented lives of self- hatred and fear of being hurt.


I have been there. I have been quietly helping women conquer fear of rejection, develop personal style and increase sexual energy. 

I am like a mother to many who never had the love and guidance from a woman they could trust. And I am here to help you too..

"The Ugly Girls Ambassador"



I love the ugly girls club because Salkis is very intelligent.

Every time I listen to

a YouTube video or read one of her

books I am enlightened more and more.

Beauty is all an illusion and vanity will be our demise.


~Alicia Milligan

"Salkis has helped me my value in a way no other person could. I realize now that

 no woman is better than another no matter what she

looks like.."

~Kimberly Marshall

"I can't tell you how much I related and thought you were reading my thoughts."

~Omega Courtney

Salkis’ presence, wisdom, teachings and art have been a huge comfort
and inspiration. Her words constantly remind me to break free from the
illusion of being powerless by practicing self-love.

~Lady J

Joining the Ugly Girls Club, as a member of the catacombs it was like stepping into a reality check I didn’t know I needed. It was more than just a group; it was a wake-up call to the person I was avoiding in the mirror. 

Autumne Coleman


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