Ashamed to Ask For Money

Ok, so some women have said that men are generous when it involves practical requests and that they will give money to the woman they really want.

It won't be an effort for her to get assistance if she is the one. The rest of us who want trinkets like hair and nails done won't get a dime because we are materialistic and classless. 😑

I have given this some thought based on my own experiences as I've struggled with asking for things feeling that it made me a look class beggar of sorts.

My strategy was simply to wait for him to see that I was a "good woman" and he would feel a natural compulsion to give me things THAT HE SAW I NEEDED as well as the things I wanted.

He Always Ask For Favors After We Had Sex!

So I waited... acted 'as if' per the advice from men, and NOTHING happened.

Mind you, when he needed something, he'd simply "ask" me for it.

His approach was never loaded with seriousness, it was always "oh by the way" and it usually came right after we'd had sex.

Men who "think" they've made you cum get as "entitled" as women who think they are beautiful.

So like a dim-witted lunatic

So like a dim-witted lunatic, I GAVE and shut my mouth in painful silence waiting to receive reciprocity.

What I came to realize after years of this shyte was that "waiting" to be given something by a man is an ineffective strategy. Why? Because he can play DUMB like he's unaware that you needed anything.

No requirements Makes A Woman look Stupid!

No requirements also make men complacent and unmotivated. When you don't have any requests or requirements he cannot guage his own usefulness and his worth.

Respect Is Earned Through HARD WORK!

Respect is EARNED! And if you don't give him a reason to earn you, he won't respect you and YOU will begin to feel disrespect for your self as well.

We will be going over effective communication this Sunday in the catacombs for Group Coaching Members Only.

The goal for the UGC is to start building a strong, effective vocabulary that allows for better results in negotiating anyone, including men we are sexually involved with.

You don't want questions that lead to him telling you Yes.

And you will learn why that word YES is actually holding back your BAG, your MARRIAGE PROPOSAL back, your JOB ADVANCEMENT back etc.. See yuh soon!


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