"Can we really be in a relationship with a person we aren't attracted to?"

I get this question alot, and I'm answers remains the same: YES!

I'm not sure where this assumption came from, but you haven't been the first choice or the only choice or the best he ever had!

A lot of great relationships start with disgust actually and most of them last a looooong time as well.

We cut our options short with all these emotional requirements UGC.

A man can still get entangled in your feminine web while not seeing you as eye candy.

It's called ENERGY! And the right energy

can BLIND you from seeing the reality of things.

I find that unattractive women makes their unattractiveness a big deal.

You talk in a complaining way.

You walk in a defeated way.

You prefer pity over becoming self-serving because you've been told that humility is the only value you can give.

I have told you all that being a MONSTER is necessary when you are unattractive.

What do I mean?

I mean that ALL you actions, your questions, your statements, your compromising, your forgiveness MUST lead you to the fulfillment of YOUR desires!

The devil will bargain with you, right?

The devil strikes a deal with you!

He says he can give you all that you desire if you kneel to him, right!!

THAT'S how you negotiate!

That's how you compromise.

Nothing is off limits in your offerings BUT what you require in return is what they cannot live without!

The Monster is sufficient in finding out your weaknesses,

your vices,

not to judge you by them,

not to feed their self righteousness,

but to STEER the goal towards rewarding her with what she desires with little to no provocation.

The Monster let's guilt work her magic,

for without feelings of guilt ,

there is no negotiation that will get you what you want.

So how do you find out what they feel guilt about?

Just listen keenly to what they complain about.

Guilt can hide behind a complaint.

Guilt hitches a ride on the back of criticism, sarcasm too.

And it is also important to findout the guilt triggers to humanize these men who you are afraid of exposing your flaws to.

So imma need for UGC to see all interactions as an opportunity to come closer to achieving goals and experiencing happiness, otherwise what's the point, for a pat on the head? We don't need anyone's approval if it doesn't bring what we want with it, and that want should ALWAYS be something you can measure and preferably something that cannot be snatched back easily.

You treat people this way when they show that they are keeping score with you, and most will be keeping score by adding up everything they do for you.

Just prepare.

Don't fret our it.

Don't act surprised by human nature anymore.

"The Ugly Girls Ambassador"

~Salkis Re


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